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Taxation can be an intimidating word for some business owners and it is a generally complex and protracted financial activity that can cost the business dearly if it has not been managed properly, especially if deadlines are missed or rules misapplied.

Your responsibilities are dependent on the status of your business (e.g. limited company, partnership or sole trader):

  • A limited company is required to make returns to HMRC for Corporation Tax and almost certainly for VAT
  • If you are self-employed or a member of a partnership, you are required to submit a self-assessment return
  • If your business turnover exceeds 85,000 you will be required to register for VAT and submit quarterly returns

The Bookkeeping Company can manage all of the above taxes on your behalf:


Corporation Tax returns from 500, please call or e-mail to discuss.

Self-Assessment returns for the self-employed are charged at 150 each if we have maintained your books throughout the year.

If we need to bring your books up to date prior to completing a return for you, or if you have income other than from employment and self-employment (such as property rental or trust income), please ask for a quotation.

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